Voter Registration

RFC believes in order to vote local, state, & national elections every citizen of Florida must be registered to vote.

Register To Vote

Voter Encouragement

RFC encourages every citizen to not only vote but also to vote according to Biblical values.

Salt & Light Council

Voter Outreach

RFC encourages every voter to reach out to their neighbors to encourage them to register to vote.


Citizenship Education

RFC is committed to providing every person with educational information to become productive citizens.


Legal Immigration

RFC is committed to helping every person entering the U.S.A. to obtain legal citizenship.

Legal Immigrants For America

Religious Freedom

RFC supports the First Amendment of the Constitution to practice his or her religion.

Liberty Counsel

Political Branches

Here is information on the Branches of Government.


Political Platforms

RFC does not support any political party. However, we do encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with every political platform.

FRC Action